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Why Do New Years Resolutions Suck? (Part 3 of 3)

Come up with “themes” for the year — your compass for what you broadly want to achieve, so lots of smaller actions can fit under them. 

Blogger C.C. Chapman calls his "Three Words" — and we were inspired! What are your three words for 2012?

Why Do New Years Resolutions Suck? (Part 2 of 3)

You need to know why you want the change. You can get there by creating your own personal Five Year Plan.

Why Do New Years Resolutions Suck? (Part 1 of 3).

Well, for starters, 88% fail. Who needs a time-waster like that?

You need are SMART goals, not empty promises to yourself. Pfft.


It’s no big secret, when you step back and thing about it. New Years resolutions suck. As in, 88% of them fail.

So…honestly, now…what are we doing wrong? Are resolutions worth the effort? 

Check out our blog for video clips from Tereza about techniques that work. It’s about personal goal setting, not guilt-ridden recipes for failure.

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Save the date! You won’t want to miss the #xx4xmas Twitter party!

To celebrate the wonderful women-led businesses featured in the XX for Xmas Holiday Shopping Guide, we’re going to have a party and share our favorites! We’ll be giving away great prizes, too.

SuperheroWhat are you giving this holiday season? Did you know that women hold 85% of household buying power, and start 70% of new businesses? We want to highlight the amazing products and services offered women-led businesses. They’ll knock your socks off, we promise.

Date: December 14th

Time: 8pm Eastern

Hashtag: #xx4xmas. 

To be eligible for prizes, you MUST RSVP!

XXmas Countdown: Day 5

On Day 5 we’re in crush with FashionPlaytes, simply perfect if you have a girl in your life age 5-13. She can design clothes online and they’ll me made and sent to her! She can make them for a doll, too. This is gonna be the hot gift for these girls this year, so don’t miss it. Women-led, and totally fantastic.

XXmas Countown: Day 4

Fathom is the hottest, most beautiful travel website on the scene, and last week it launched its travel shop — just in time for the holidays. Well thank goodness, because I found the perfect gift for my picky, gadget-crazed traveler husband. It’s the Vinnibag inflatable wine bag. Stick a bottle of wine or olive oil in there and it’s indestructible. So excited. Women-led, Fathom is led by the fabulous Pavia Rosati, former editor of Daily Candy. Check it out!

XXmas Countown: Day 3

It’s a busy family Saturday at our house and our featured gift is gonna knock this place into shape: the online family organizing system, AboutOne. Marta and I are totally getting this for Daddy. He’s a type-A organizer and is gonna *love* skootching all our mission-critical family info into the cloud, accessible anywhere (except that cluttered shelf). Sexy, no?

It’s Day 2 of the XX for Xmas December Countdown, and New Media Mama @lindsaycampbell is getting her XX on, with luscious prints by 20x200. LOVE!


@xx4xmas, the grassroots twitter movement to encourage holiday shoppers to spend their dough with women-led companies, is going strong on this second day of December. Tereza, who is spearheading the effort, asked me to highlight one of the companies from the master list today and though I tried to convince myself to choose something I’ve never written about/promoted before I just couldn’t resist talking about 20x200 because it is genuinely my favorite retail site on the web. 

Jen Bekman, 20x200’s founder, is a Manhattan gallerist who loved art but hated how exclusive and snobby the art world is. She wanted to democratize it and demystify it and make it both easier for her artist friends to sell art and affordable for people who love art but aren’t made of money to live with art. 

I included some of the prints that I’ve either given or received from 20x200, ranging in price from $20 to $200. I get so much joy out of giving, getting and living with art I think a gift certificate to 20x200 is slam dunk of a gift for really anyone on your list. The certificate itself is beautifully designed, it arrives in a spiffy envelope and gives the receiver the chance to add a piece of art to their lives that they may grow to love infinitely more than anything else they’ve ever spent twenty bucks on. 

Not convinced? Well, I tried. If fine art’s not your thing, there’s always this. Betony Vernon is woman-owned, of course. 

(via newmediamama)

Source: 20x200.com

XXmas Countdown:  Day 1

Tereza explains where the idea for XX for Xmas came from … and her first pick for the season. She’s buying her girls (4 and 8) voice-recorded necklaces from Talkatoo! Crazy cool.